Blogging Hiatus

Holy cow, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged! These past few weeks have been unbelievably busy with school, thesis, internship, and quilting orders. Right now I’m working on three different quilts! Definitely more than I have done at a time before. Also, I’ve been busy fighting this thing off…

Stupid goose

I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s a goose. And it’s mean. And cranky. And driving me nuts! It pretty much sits outside my sliding glass door all day, fighting with my dog. I’ve literally had to barricade my door, so Baxter and the goose can’t meet. Also, it attacks anything that walks past it. Stupid goose.

However, in all the crazy busyness of my life, counselors are all about self-care and wellness, so I haven’t gone without a few pool days in this (mostly) sunny, Florida weather. What do you do for self-care and relaxation?

Well there’s lots of exciting things happening at Beauty in the Blocks! I’ll post some new pictures and posts throughout the week, so stay tuned!

Here’s to always finding the Beauty in the Blocks,


Pretty Fountain


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