Peace Quilt

Right now I’m working on a peace sign quilt for my little cousin. She LOVES all things peace sign, so her mom asked me to make a quilt with a white background and a big, aqua peace sign in the middle.

It’s really helping broaden my quilting horizons. First off, I’m making my first quilt circle. I’ve never made a quilt that had anything but squares or rectangles. I used a dresden template to make each piece of the peace sign. I completely guessed how big I need to make each one to get a circle the size I want. I’m actually still not entirely sure how to change it to get a bigger circle. Maybe once I figure the math out I’ll make a tutorial about it. Plus, this will be my first applique project. I’ve never done it before, so hopefully it’ll come out good.

Anyways, this is what I got so far…

I decided to have white and white polka dots fabric for the quilt top. The polka dots are really subtle, so it was just to add a little umph into it.

White squares


Here is the peace sign and quilt top together before it was all sewn up. I wanted to see if the peace sign was going to be big enough.

Peace sign before it was sewn

Peace sign quilt before it was sewn

When I saw this, my initial thought was, “Oh man. It’s perfect. I’m so good at this.” <insert hefty pat on the back> Then as I started to sew the pieces together I remembered… seam allowances… and the peace sign got smaller and smaller. <ego deflated>

Putting the peace sign together


So anyways, this is the finished circle for the peace sign. It’s not as big as I wanted it, but it’s still a good size. Now I just need to put the lines in the middle and applique it all together.

Finished circle


Peace sign


Here’s to always finding the Beauty in the Blocks,




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