Products & Prices

Prices of quilts depend on the size of the quilt:

Type of Quilt Size of Quilt Price Range
Baby quilt 35in x 54in $150
Lap size/throw 54in x 72in $200
Twin quilt 54in x 90in $250
Double/Full quilt 72in x 90in $300
Queen quilt 90in x 108in $360
King quilt 108in x 108in $450

*All prices include consultation, fabric, batting, and labor. Prices may vary depending on the difficulty of the quilt design chosen.*

For t-shirt quilts, please add $2.00 per t-shirt to be included.

A 50% deposit is needed at the time the order is placed. The rest plus shipping and handling is due by the time of shipment.

Production time per quilt depends on order backlog and the complexity of the quilt design. E-mail me if you’d like an estimate on how long it’ll take to finish your quilt.

You can also go to my Etsy page to order these products.

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