I have to admit, the summer bug has hit me. I totally feel like I’m back to elementary school when I had zero energy and would just vegetate all day. It’s just so so so hot to even think about doing anything. I don’t think I’ve done anything quilting related in like 2 weeks! Oh except I organized my fabric stash yesterday… Holy cow do I have a lot of blue fabric!

Anyways that being said… I need to put myself on a schedule! So from now on there will be at least 2 posts a week:

WIP (work in progress) Wednesdays
Something I Learned Sundays

Side note: I probably need to change the name of that second one. Doesn’t seem very roll-of-the-tongueish.

So WIP Wednesdays will be a post showing quilts I’m working on (pretty self explanatory). Something I Learned Sundays will be about something I learned that week. It can be about myself, quilting, running a small business, counseling, or pretty much anything really. Sooo… I hope you enjoy these new posts!

Here’s to always finding the Beauty in the Blocks,

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